Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Daddy's Education

Steep stairs down into hell.

Blue-striped mattress, your prison cell,

Submerged in the dark, drowning in your fears,

Glacially cold and seared by your tears.


Bloody nose crusts over under the rafters;

A million miles from a soothing hand—

Too young to understand.


The world cannot hear your hopeless cries,

As your caretaker dangles your freedom as a prize;

He holds you;

Defines you;

Reminds you,

Three days now—

No good, worthless, SICK.

“NO, Daddy!”


He brings you a red rose as an apology.

Say what he wants and you are free.

Broken like a toy, you finally agree—

Innocence is gone; truth, an irrelevancy.


Nine years old and your future is planned,

A million miles from a soothing hand—

You’ll never be able to understand.


Cement a smile on your face as you are freed

Ascend into a life that used to be.

Secretly scarred.

Psychologically marred.

Invisible injuries.

Never good enough to please.

Damaged for the rest of your life.
“yes, Daddy.”