Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Point of Origin


Her energy was an electrical arc,

erratically spiking, and with each spark

she blazed with the brand of her legacy—

She’d been slashed-and-burned to the third degree.


Inflamed by shame she was a brilliant torch;

radiating emotional heat set to scorch

anyone near, so she drove them away—

Her fiery pain raged more intense every day.


She’d been damaged, long ago, beyond repair--

She was igniting a world that would never be fair.

It was bloody arson that seared through her soul,

engulfed in self-hatred, she burned out of control.


When her oxygen was gone, she dwindled

to just a flame that could not be kindled.

Incinerated hope lay in charred remains

along with a small girl—doused in blame.